RF over Fiber

PPM’s range of RF over fiber links are high performance transmission systems designed for test and measurement. Transmission of RF or DC over optical fiber enables immunity to electrical interference. Intensity modulation means the signal is transferred between the optical and electrical domains with no modulation or digitization (AC links only). Therefore the links are agnostic of signal format and can be used for any RF signal. In addition to point2point links, the Sentinel intelligent system allows multipoint links with added functionality such as remote adjustable gain and system self-calibration.

Sentinel – Intelligent Systems


S3 GUI screenshot v5


The Sentinel fibre optic link system is a world-class system designed for EMC and EMP testing. The latest platform, Sentinel 3 offers excellent sensitivity as well as time-saving features such as:

  • Remote monitoring and control of transmitter units
  • Variety of connector options for easier instrumentation setup.
  • Highly scalable, with multi-core cross-site cables allowing one single receiver to monitor up to 48 sensors.
  • Power detection
  • System self-calibration


  • EMP test and EMC conformance
  • HIRF aircraft clearance
  • Simulated lightning testing
  • Impulse, time domain and NEMP (“nemp”) testing
  • Low and high level swept frequency coupling measurements

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Point2point fibre optic links


P2P transmitter 250px sq


Point2point links suit simpler applications where intelligent features such as multiple inputs, automatic gain control, remote monitoring are not required. Point2point links are available in either AC and DC variants. AC links are available up to 250MHz, 1.35GHz, 2GHz and 3GHz . DC links are available from 2.5MHz to 40MHz.

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  • EMC test chambers
  • Electrically noisy environments
  • Power distribution monitoring
  • High voltage monitoring and analysis
  • Applications requiring monitoring of true DC signals (e.g. automotive)
  • Signals containing very low frequency or DC components
  • Long distance transmission.

How it works

AC links use intensity modulation to convert between the electrical and optical domains and can therefore convey data of almost any format. An RF signal applied to the input of the optical transmitter is amplified, conditioned, and converted into an optical signal for transmission over optical fiber.
DC links convert the input signal into a 14 bit optical digital signal before transmission. At the receiver, the signal is converted back into an electrical signal and therefore the link is transparent in any system.All modules are available with either single or multi-mode fibre interfaces for integration into existing infrastructure.