PPM Test exhibits at key industry shows and also attends a number of other shows and conferences, including EMV (https://emv.mesago.com/events/en.html). However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, show attendance this year remains under on-going review. Please contact us directly to see if we will be present at a particular show this year and/or to arrange an online meeting in lieu of visiting us at a show.

PPM Test usually exhibits at the following shows:


DoD E3 (Now 2022)

DoD Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) promotes communication between the Federal Government and industry E3 and spectrum professionals in order to collaborate, network and discuss policy and regulations, acquisition trends, operational supportability, and emerging technology.



AsiaEM/EuroEM (Now 2022)

AsiaEM/EuroEM is the premier high power electromagnetic (HPEM) conference in the world. It provides an excellent platform to view and discuss the latest technology, with themes addressing the protection and measurement of unwanted and dangerous external effects (e.g. lightning and transients in UHV/EHV transmission).

Website: https://www.hsu-hh.de/tet/euroem-2020


Warning: Shows are being rescheduled, or cancelled in some instances, due to COVID-19. Sometimes this is last minute. We recommend you check the show websites for the latest information before travelling to and attending a show.

We exclude liability for any inaccuracies or errors in the above event information (which is provided to the best of our knowledge) to the fullest extent permitted by law. Full T&Cs.