Guide to Connections for RF over Fibre Links

optical-CON MTP-12 and duo connectors

The following guide provides information on how to correctly connect and disconnect PPM Test’s Sentinel 3 and point2point products.

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Sentinel 3

Sentinel 3 RX6 quad neutrik


To insert the connector into the Sentinel 3 unit the cap must first be released. To action this pull the spring loaded sleeves towards the body of the connector and remove the cap with your free hand.

optical-CON MTP-12 connectoroptical-CON duo connector

Insert the connector into the fibre port until a click is heard. This click means the connector is now locked into the port.

Sentinel 3 connector ports


To disconnect Sentinel 3, pull the plastic sleeves either side of the spring towards the body of the connector (as demonstrated in the image below). Once pulled towards the body remove the cable from the Sentinel 3 unit.

Disconnecting Sentinel 3


The standard point2point module uses an FC/APC connector and single mode fibre.

point2point FC/APC connector keyway

To locate the keyway remove the dust cover. Always replace this when no fibre is connected.

Ensure the keyway is aligned correctly as per the examples below.


point2point incorrect keyway connection


point2point correct keyway connection

Once the point2point system is connected and powered up correctly, the receive light will switch from red to green.

For any technical issues not covered by this guide, please contact our dedicated Technical Support team, by emailing or by phoning +44 (0) 1793 784389.

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