Loughborough University select point2point for exploding wire research

Loughborough University building

The Plasma and Pulsed Power Group (P3G) at Loughborough University have selected PPM’s point2point RF over fibre links for their research into exploding wire physics and technology. point2point links are being used during the testing of the exploding wire method. P3G are testing the outcome when a 150 V pulse is sent through a 1-2000 V divider. A shock wave, an explosion and a high intensity light source is created which is passed onto a Point2point  RF over fibre link for transmission.

About The Plasma and Pulsed Power Group (P3G)

The Plasma and Pulsed Power Group aim to create practical solutions from the basic principles and technological challenges of plasma and pulsed power systems. Over years of work, the group has developed strong links with research groups in France, Germany, Sweden, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the USA. The academic staff at P3G includes Dr Felipe Iza and Professors Bucur Novac and Ivor Smith. Sponsors include major aerospace, engineering and defence companies such as AWE, Qinetiq, BAE Systems, DSTL, MBDA missile systems and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

About point2point RF over fibre links

point2point links are fixed-gain, analogue-signal transmission systems over optical fibre. Operational within all modulation formats and with a wide dynamic range, point2point links convert analogue signals for transmission over fibre. The links are immune to electrical interference and electromagnetic fields, enabling safe transmission paths for monitoring at hazardous voltages and over very long path lengths.

About Loughborough University

Loughborough University is a public research university in Loughborough, UK. Founded as a technical institute in 1909, Loughborough University has becoming a leading establishment in UK sport in addition to research in the engineering field. The university research community is made up of over 2500 staff and students.

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