New single battery charger for point2point units released

Point2Point Single Battery Charger

PPM Test is pleased to bring to market a new single battery charger for its point2point units. The charger includes a number of key upgrades to improve performance, such as NiMH/NiCd Pack 35 W fast charging and ΔV full charge sensing, followed by a trickle charge.

Point2Point Single Battery Charger

PPM Test Sales Director, Richard Jacklin, explained:

“Further to customer feedback, we added a new battery charger to the product line for applications where a single battery needs charging, instead of the four our existing charger was capable of handling.

“The new charger is a high quality unit with fast charge, top-off and trickle modes and really looks after the battery cells for longer term use.”

The battery charger has other beneficial features within its design including:

  • 2-pin IEC 320 input connection
  • Safety timer
  • Small dimensions: L. 107 x W. 67 x H. 36.5 mm
  • Lightweight design: 250 g
  • Meets standards; EN 60601, UL listed (UL 2601-1).

PPM Test’s point2point units solve the problem of electrical interference and high voltage isolation within test and measurement environments including EMC aircraft testing, EMP and NEMP, HV and utilities as well as harsh environment testing.

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