PPM Test delivers Sentinel 3 system to BAE Warton

Tornado aircraft BAE Warton

BAE Systems in Warton, UK have taken delivery of a Sentinel 3 system to support their electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing. The Lancashire site is a major BAE assembly and testing facility and the main manufacturing location for the Eurofighter Typhoon. Warton is also the central assembly facility for the Hawk and implements upgrades for the the Harrier and Tornado.

Easier and faster deployment

The “Sentinel 3 RF over fibre platform has been well received by companies in the European military aircraft programs.” said Richard Leonard – Business Development Manager for PPM Test. “It was specifically designed for easier and faster deployment which means set up times are significantly shorter.”

Leaders in HIRF and direct current injection

BAE Systems are leaders in HIRF testing and have pioneered direct current injection techniques for which Sentinel 3 will be used. An RF over fibre system allows test engineers to isolate their EMC monitoring equipment from the aircraft therefore maintaining measurement accuracy and isolating sensitive test equipment from damaging levels of electrical energy.

About BAE Systems Warton

The site has been an aerodrome since the 1940s when it was first operated as an air depot of the United States Army Forces and was expanded so to act as a satellite airfield for the RAF.

About PPM

PPM Test is one of four business lines at Pulse Power and Measurement Ltd, based in Swindon, UK.  PPM has manufactured RF over fibre systems for test and measurement, satellite communication, defence and public service applications since 1995. The company also distributes specialist high voltage and pulsed power components and systems.

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