Barth 102 Series attenuator with optional cooling fin

Barth 102 Series attenuator with optional cooling fin



This unit utilizes a patented design, which maintains good HV capabilities and power dissipation. While this unit has a simpler housing design than our precision attenuators, for better heat dissipation, it still provides a very respectable and clean 50ps output risetime.

  • High voltage pulse rated
  • Least expensive high voltage coaxial attenuator
  • available
  • Small dimensions
  • Higher average power than 142 series
Voltage Ratio10.0/1 Vr (20dB)
Maximum Input5.0kV, 80ns FWHM Pulse, 500kW Peak Power**
2.5kV, 400ns FWHM Pulse, 125kW Peak Power
1.25kV, 1600ns FWHM Pulse, 31kW Peak Power
Average Input Power5W maximum
10W with optional fins (Model CF) for external cooling
Impedance50Ω ±1%
Risetime through Unit< 50ps
Bandwidth (-3dB)DC to 7GHz
Reflection-TDR< 2% to a 100ps risetime step function
SWR< 1.05 to 1GHz
< 1.30 to 4GHz
Voltage Coefficient< 1% at rated voltage
Connectors102-NMFP-20 N Male/Female**
102-GLP-20 GR 874 locking
102-GP-20 GR 874 non-locking
Dimensions102-NMFP-20 5” long x .8” dia.
102-GP-20 4.5” long x 0.625" dia.
102-GLP-20 4.5” long x 1.01” dia.
Weight3/8 lb.
** Units with N connectors are limited to a 4kV rating.

Barth 102 datasheet