Barth 142 Series 30GHz Attenuators

Barth 142 Series 30GHz Attenuators



Barth High Voltage pulse attenuators are matched impedance coaxial attenuators for use primarily in pulsed 50 ohm systems, or where occasional transients would damage ordinary units.

  • input impedance very close to 50 ohms
  • as good or better than most microwave attenuators.
  • ideal for use in nuclear and high energy experiments.

Extensive testing during manufacturing insures very high reliability for single-shot experiments.  A voltage coefficient of the resistive film of less than .0001%/V allows low voltage calibration of most systems.

Advantages over standard RF Attenuators:

– Low reflection coefficient
– Withstands high voltage pulses
– Pulse power rated
– Low voltage coefficient
– High reliability
– Input/Output impedance held very close to nominal

Model No.Voltage RatioAttenuation (dB)Max. input voltage (pk)Max. input @Pulse Width nsInput reflection coeff. @100psRisetime (ps)Effective Bandwidth DCConnectors
102-GP-2010:01202500400<2%<507GHzGR874 non-locking
202B-GLP-N2.5:185000400<5%<2017GHzGR874 locking
202A-GLP-T05:01145000400<5%<2017GHzGR874 locking
202A-GLP-X10:01204000400<5%<2017GHzGR874 locking
202B-NMFP-N2.5:184000400<5%<2017GHzN female/male
202-NMFP-T05:01144000400<5%<2017GHzN female/male
202-NMFP-X10:01204000400<5%<2017GHzN female/male
2237-HFNFP20:012610,000400<4%<507GHzHNB female input
2239-HFNFP20:012616,000400<4%<1003.5GHzN female output
2536-HFP-31.4:137,000 (15,000)400 (75)<5%<3010GHzHNB female*
2536-HFP-602:0167,000 (15,000)400 (75)<5%<3010GHzHNB female*
2536-HFP-103.2:1107,000 (15,000)400 (75)<5%<3010GHzHNB female*
2536-HFP-2010:01207,000 (15,000)400 (75)<5%<3010GHzHNB female*
** Any male or female (GR, N, HNB, GHV) can be supplied

* Unit is supplied with a Barth Model 404-HMM low reflection HNB male to male adapter, so that either the input or output can be adapted to a male connection

NOTE: Our type HN (HNB) connectors are specially designed to obtain minimum reflection coefficient for fast risetimes.  For best pulse response, our model 401-HNB male or 402-HNB female cable connector for RG213/214 coax should be used for interconnection.


Barth 142 Attenuator Datasheet

Barth 142 Datasheet