Barth Attenuators 2-20 Series

Barth Attenuators 2-20 Series

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These low voltage units have excellent microwave characteristics and are ideal as an inexpensive low voltage unit while still providing a very respectable and clean 20 ps output risetime.

  • Inexpensive
  • Small Dimensions
  • Closely matched impedance for accurate pulse measurements

After a high voltage pulse has been reduced in amplitude using a high voltage attenuator such as the 102, 142, 202, 2237, or 2239, a low voltage attenuator can often be used to further reduce the pulse voltage.

Modern digital oscilloscopes often have a maximum voltage input of 5 volts and the Model 2-20 can reduce a 50 Volt pulse to 5 Volts, two Model 2-20 attenuators can reduce a 200 volt pulse to 2 volts to keep the pulse amplitude to an oscilloscope within its maximum ratings.



Barth 2-20 datasheet