Prodyn Baluns BIB Series

Prodyn Baluns BIB Series


Prodyn BIB Series baluns are bilateral, high performance, balanced to unbalanced passive converters. All three ports exhibit an excellent TDR (low VSWR) and the two differential ports are well isolated.  Both features are important when using unmatched sources – such as D-Dot (open circuit source) or B-Dot (short circuit source) – when maximum clear time is desired.

Part numbering

The part number of a balun is a combination of the connector option followed by the bandwidth option.  (please see the two tables below).  For example, a 20khz-600Mhz balun with type ‘N’ female connectors on input and output will have the model number BIB-120C.

Bandwidth Options

 Bandwidth (3db)Insertion Loss (nominal)Propagation Delay (nominal)Max Input Voltage (50ns duration)Common Mode Rejection Ratio (dB) Port Impedance (3 Ports)
A10 Khz-250 MHz6 db3.2ns1000 V3250
B15 Khz- 400 MHz6 db2.2ns1000 V3250
C20 Khz- 600 MHz6 db1.9ns1000 V3050
D22 Khz- 1.4 GHz6 db1.4ns1000 V3050
E50 Hz- 150 MHz6 db5.3ns1000 V3650
F200 Khz- 3.5 GHz8 db0.6ns1000 V2850
G250 Khz- 10 GHz8 db0.6ns1000 V2050
HV*200 Khz- 3 GHz8 db0.6ns5000 V2850
Risetime (10-90%) - pulse risetime approximates specified CW bandwidth

These baluns are equipped with type "HN" connectors only, to accommodate high voltage

Connector Options

BIB-100SMA (Female)SMA (Female)
BIB-101SMA (Male)SMA (Male)
BIB-110GR (Twinax, TCC type)GR (Locking)
BIB-120Type 'N' (Female)Type 'N' (Female)
BIB-125Type 'N' (Female)SMA (Female)
BIB-130Twinax (Amphenol)Type 'N' (Female)
BIB-135GR (Twinax, TCC type)Type 'N' (Female)
BIB-140Type 'N' (Female)Type 'N' (Male)
BIB-150GR (Twinax, TCC type)GR (Locking)
BIB-160GR (Twinax, TCC type)SMA (Female)
BIB-170SMA (Female)Type 'N' (Female)
BIB-180BNC (Female)BNC (Female)
BIB-190TNC (Female)Type 'N' (Female)
BIB-200HN (Female)HN (Female)

Prodyn BIB Series Baluns Datasheet