High Voltage Resistive Signal Tap-Offs

High Voltage Resistive Signal Tap-Offs



Barth High Voltage Resistive Signal Tap Offs are useful for signal monitoring or device triggering. They are constructed using our voltage probes incorporated into a unit with connectors to allow easy insertion into a coaxial system. This arrangement is very useful in a laboratory setup, and for system monitoring.

High voltage resistive signal tap-offs.

Model Maximum Input Peak VoltageMaximum Input @ Pulse width (ns) Risetime through mainline (ps) Voltage Ratio Tap Off Risetime of Resistive OutputConnectors
241-NMFFP-11 2500400 < 3011:1<60psN male/female mainline
245-NMFFP-1002500400 < 30100:1<60psN female tap off
242-GLBFP-1005000400 < 30100:1<900psGR874 locking mainline/BNC female tap off
242-GLBFP-505000400 < 3050:1<400psGR874 locking mainline/BNC female tap off
242-GLBFP-255000400 < 3025:1<215psGR874 locking mainline/BNC female tap off
243-HMFNFP-100150002uS < 30100:1<1.5nsHNB male/female

Available Models

Model 241-NMFFP-11

Model 242-SPJBFP-50

Model 242-GLBFP-100


Model 243-HMFNFP-100




Model CT6-NFP-8


Model CT20B-HFMNFP-20


Model CV1A Current and Voltage Probe


Useful Documents

Barth signal tap-offs datasheet