Prodyn Current Probes – CIP series

Prodyn Current Probes – CIP series


The PRODYN CIP series are high performance, wideband transducers designed to measure current inside a 50Ω coaxial cable.

Bandwidth (3 dB points)20kHz to 200MHz100kHz to 200MHz140kHz to 800MHz
Transfer Impedance5 Ω5 Ω
Bandpass Flatness (±.5 dB)50kHz to 100MHz30kHz to 100MHz150kHz to 700MHz
Current Handling Capability (CW)1A rms (CW)1A rms (CW)1A rms (CW)
Maximum Pulse Input25A µsec5A µsec5A µsec
ConnectorSMA (female)SMA (female)SMA (female)
Output Load Impedance50Ω50Ω50Ω



Prodyn Current Probes Datasheet


AC fibre optic link datasheet

Prodyn CIP series current probes datasheet