Current Probes – CIP series

Current Probes – CIP series


The PRODYN CIP series are high performance, wideband transducers designed to measure current inside a 50 Ω coaxial cable.


Bandwidth (3 dB points)20 kHz to 200 MHz100 kHz to 200 MHz140 kHz to 800 MHz
Transfer Impedance1 Ω5 Ω5 Ω
Bandpass Flatness (±.5 dB)50 kHz to 100 MHz30 kHz to 100 MHz150 kHz to 700 MHz
Current Handling Capability (CW)1 A rms (CW)1 A rms (CW)1 A rms (CW)
Maximum Pulse Input25 A µsec5 A µsec5 A µsec
ConnectorSMA (female)SMA (female)SMA (female)
Output Load Impedance50 Ω50 Ω50 Ω

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