Current Injectors – IT Series

Current Injectors – IT Series


The IT series current injectors are wideband current transformers that are used to inductively couple current on cables or conductors under test. The latch-type design allows fast and simple attachment without having to pass cables or conductors through the aperture.


Freq. range (useable)Zt (Ω)Max Output Voltage (Vom)Saturation current (A)CW max average current (A)Peak current (A)Max pulse width (μs)Rep rate (kHz)
IT-050-1100 kHz - 100 MHz500200038.730.9740.79975
IT-075-1100 kHz - 100 MHz500200044.6530.9740.79975
IT-125-1100 kHz - 100 MHz500200053.5830.9740.641219
IT-125-250 kHz - 700 MHz50200053.588.6400.454747

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