Prodyn Current Transducers I-210 (Radiation Hardened) Series

Prodyn Current Transducers I-210 (Radiation Hardened) Series


The PRODYN Model I-210B Sensor is a clamp-on, radiation-hardened current transformer. The sensor is designed to measure the current on cable bundles. The differential output voltage is an accurate representation of the total current flowing through the central aperture of the sensor (subject to bandwidth limitations of the sensor).  The relationship between the sensed current and output voltage is:

	differential Vout = RT x Isensed; RT = transfer impedance



The sensor is split to allow clamping the device onto a cable, cable bundle, or structural member that fits the central aperture. The presence of the sensor adds a series impedance to the sensed current carrier – referred to as the insertion impedance.

Transfer Impedance 0.131Ω
Frequency Response (3 db)  70Hz – 2.5MHz
Current Range of Measurement  10 – 100A
Core Material metal tape
Output Connector 100Ω differential twinax,  amphenol 22950 or equivalent
Aperture 12″ dia




Prodyn Current Probes Datasheet