Current Transducers I-300 Series (0.22 ” aperture)

Current Transducers I-300 Series (0.22 ” aperture)


The I-300, I-310 and I-320 wideband current probes were designed to facilitate current measurements on conductors where space is limited. The convenient size and shape make them quick to install over existing conductors that are inconvenient to pass through a fixed-window type probe. The aperture of .220 ” diameter allows for testing cables up to RG-58.

The relationship between the sensed current and output voltage is: Vout = ZT x Isensed,  where ZT = transfer impedance


ModelFrequency Range (3 dB points)Bandpass (±0.5 dB)ZtCurrent Handling CapabilityOutput ImpedanceConnector
I-300180 kHz to 300 MHz400 kHz to 200 MHz5>10 A pulse50 ΩSMA
I-31050 kHz to 200 MHz100 kHz to 125 MHz1>10 A pulse50 ΩSMA
I-320200 kHz to 500 MHz150 kHz to 450 MHz(<2 db)1>10 A pulse50 ΩSMA

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