Current Transducers IP2 HF Series

Current Transducers IP2 HF Series


The IP-2 HF series is a range of high frequency current sensors that are used to measure current on small conductors that may be passed through the aperture. Their small size minimizes the physical constraints of usual measurements and the choice of three sensitivities allows for a variety of outputs.

A short single-ended output with an SMA connector is standard but all models can also be ordered with a differential output.


ModelFreq. Range (3 dB pts)ZtCurrent Handling CapOutput ImpedanceStandard Connector
IP-2-1100 kHz-1.3 GHz1 Ω0.8 amps (RMS)50 ΩSMA
IP-2-5125 kHz-800 MHz5 Ω0.8 amps (RMS)50 ΩSMA
IP-2-10500 kHz-1 GHz10 Ω0.8 amps (RMS)50 ΩSMA

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