Prodyn Current Transducers I-150 Series (1.50″ aperture)

Prodyn Current Transducers I-150 Series (1.50″ aperture)


With an internal aperture of 38.1 mm, the I-150 series bridges the gap between the I-125 series (ID = 31.75 mm) and the much larger I-262 series (66.5 mm).

The I-150-1HF is the first probe to be offered in the new housing and has similar performance characteristics to the high frequency I-125-1HF probe. It has a transfer impedance of 5 Ω and bandwidth from 1 kHz to 1 GHz (usable frequency range 50 kHz – 1 GHz).

This new I-150 housing will be offered for other current probes designs.

I-150-1HF Prodyn Current Probe

ModelUsable frequency rangeZt (Ω)Max Output Voltage (Vom)Saturation current (A)CW max average current (A)Peak current (A)Max pulse width (uS)Rep rate (kHz)
I-150-1HF50 kHz - 1 GHz540029.931.29760.50.58


Please contact us for more information. The Prodyn Current Probes Datasheet does not include the latest I-150 housing.


Prodyn Current Probes Datasheet