Small Profile Current Probes

Small Profile Current Probes


The Prodyn small profile current sensors were designed to maximise the aperture in a small space. These sensors have excellent frequency response characteristics with radial outputs and small overall outside diameters in comparison to aperture size. The KWIK-LATCH design enables simple attachment without having to pass a cable through the aperture. Sensors can be ordered with SMA, TNC or BNC (female) connectors. Other connector types are available on request.

ModelFreq. Range (3 dB pts)Usable Freq. RangeZtSaturation Limit (Pulse)Output Load Impedance
I-075-1B70 kHz - 130 MHz40 kHz - 150 MHz5 Ω50 A50 Ω
I-075-1C218 kHz - 340 MHz120 kHz - 420 MHz5 Ω30 A50 Ω
I-125-1B90 kHz - 110 MHz50 kHz - 130 MHz5 Ω70 A50 Ω
I-075N-10-120 kHz - 350 MHz10 Ω200 A-

The new Prodyn I-075N-10 is a small profile current probe with a reduced height, compared to the I-075-1B and C. It has increased sensitivity with a transfer impedance of about 10 Ω; allowing transmission at a lower power level for a clean signal. The model also has a split design that can be clamped over cables or conductors to be measured and a radial output direction for easy connection. The I-075N-10’s small size allows it to be easily fitted into modern regional jet or military aircraft bays for testing.