Free space electric field (D-dot) sensors

Free space electric field (D-dot) sensors


PRODYN’s AD Model electric field (D-dot) sensors are small to medium, free-space, high frequency sensors that measure time rate of change of electric displacement. Being differential, they have two asymptotic sensing elements accurately positioned on opposite sides of a common ground plate and have a radial output direction. Testing has shown the asymptotic design to have less capacitance and higher upper frequency characteristics, compared to the AFWL HSD design.

The sensors are passive devices, therefore, an external power source is not required.

AD20R to AD100R D-dot sensors

The model AD-20 39.4 cm output length can be increased to 1 metre maximum with SMA connectors. Models AD-40 and AD-100 are equipped with a 100Ω twinaxial GR connector and with gas pressurisation fittings. Length of output, output style, and connector type may be modified.

Equivalent Area (Aeq)Freq. Resp.(3 dB pt.)Risetime (tr 10-90)Maximum output (peak)Output connector(s)MassA (cm) - see outlineB (cm) - see outlineC (cm) - see outlineD (cm) - see outline
AD-201 x 10-4> 10 GHz< 0.029 ns+ 150 VSMA (Male)40 g39.42.541.090.16
AD-401 x 10-2> 1 GHz< 0.29 ns+ 4 kVGR-TCC*782 g47.514100.51
AD-553 x 10-3> 2 GHz< 0.17 ns+ 1.5 kVSMA (Male)448 g36.3510.165.660.48
AD-701 x 10-3> 3.5 GHz< 0.11 ns+ 1 kVSMA (Male)340 g38.587.63.310.32
AD-803 x 10-4> 5.5 GHz< 0.064 ns+ 1 kVSMA (Male)260 g17.785.081.950.32
AD-1001 x 10-1> 350 MHz<1.1 ns+ 5 kVGR-TCC*2.8 kg61.628.2631.120.64

Prodyn free-field electric field sensors - AD20-AD100

AD65R D-dot Sensor

Equivalent Area (Aeq)Freq. Resp.(3 db pt.)Risetime (tr 10-90)Maximum output (peak)Output connector(s)
AD65(R)1 m²> 51 MHz6.8 ns+/- 5 kVTwinaxial GR standard
Optional 2 type 'N' / 2 type SMA
Prodyn AD65R D-dot dimensions

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