Prodyn ground plane electric field (D-DOT) sensors

Prodyn ground plane electric field (D-DOT) sensors


PRODYN’s precision high frequency ground plane electric field (D-DOT) sensors are designed to measure time rate-of-change of electric displacement over a wide frequency spectrum. They can also be used to measure the time rate-of-change of surface current density.

Surface or thru-the-ground plane output configurations are available to allow testing flexibility. Testing has shown the asymptotic sensing element design to have less capacitance and higher upper frequency characteristics compared to older HSD (Hemi-Spherical D-Dot) design.

Equiv. Area (Aeq)1×10-4m21×10-4m21×10-3m21×10-3m21×10-2m21×10-2m21×10-1m21×10-1m2
Freq. Response (3 db point)>10GHz>10GHz>3.5GHz>3.5GHz>1GHz>1GHz>400MHz>400MHz
Risetime (tr 10-90)<.03ns<.03ns<.10ns<.10ns<.35ns<.35ns<1.0ns<1.0ns
Maximun Output+150V+150V+1KV+1KV+4KV+4KV+5KV+5KV
Output Connector (Female)SMASMASMASMASMASMAType NType N
H (in.) - see outline0.220.220.680.681.981.986.126.12
D (in.) - see outline11335.55.511.1211.12
L (in.) - see outline3-8-12-22-
T (in.) - see outline0.
A (in.) - see outline-0.59-0.75-0.72-2.25
C (in.) - see outline0.48-0.9-0.9-1.62


Prodyn AD Series Ground Planen Electric Field D-Dot Sensors Datasheet

AD Series Ground Plane Sensors Datasheet