Prodyn PI-10 Passive Integrator 10us / 150MHz

Prodyn PI-10 Passive Integrator 10us / 150MHz


The PI-10 integrator is a passive resistor-capacitor integrator with a standard RC time constant of 10 microseconds. The integrator is available with standard connectors such as SMA, though other types can be specified.

Passive Integrator Specifications

Input Impedance50Ω50Ω50Ω50Ω
Load Impedance>1 megΩ, <10pf>1 megΩ, <10pf>1 megΩ, <10pf>1 megΩ, <10pf
Maximum CW Pin1W1W1W1W
RC (Time Constant)1µs5µs10µs100µs
CW Accuracy (5%)100 MHz75 MHz75 MHz20 MHz
CW Accuracy (3dB)200 MHz150 MHz150 MHz40 MHz
Mass4oz (100g)4oz (100g)4oz (100g)4oz (100g)
Maximum Vin is dependent on connector type.

Standard connectors available are SMA, TNC, BNC, N & GR, however, others are available on special order.

Each integrator is 1" x 1" x 2" (2.5cm x 2.5cm x 5cm).


Prodyn Passive Integrators Datasheet