Radiation-Hardened Magnetic Field (B-dot) Sensors

Radiation-Hardened Magnetic Field (B-dot) Sensors


Radiation-hardened sensors are available in both free-field and ground-plane configurations:

TypeEquivalent Area (Aeq)Frequency Response (3 dB point)Risetime (tr 10-90)Max output voltage (pulse)
RB100 Ground plane2 x 10-5> 3 GHz< 0.12 ns1 kV
RB40Free-field1 x 10-3> 300 MHz< 1.1 ns1.5 kV
RB130Free-field4 x 10-52 GHz< 0.5 ns1 kV

Free-field Radiation-hardened Sensors RB40 and RB130

The RB40 and RB130 are small, free-field, mid-range frequency radiation-hardened sensors. These sensors were designed to measure B-dot fields in a nuclear radiation environment. They feature:

  • High transparency
  • Continuous aluminium cylindrical loop
  • Dual moebius pickoff
  • Totally encapsulated

The loop is attached to a copper tube which is normally 12 ” long and provides a capability for mounting. The output cables are 50 Ω semi-rigid type and exit from the tube. The length of the tube end is 18 ” but the tube and cable lengths can be varied to meet special needs.

Prodyn RB130 radiation handened magnetic field sensor

RB130 free-field radiation-hardened B-dot sensor


RB40 free-field radiation-hardened B-dot sensor


Ground-Plane Radiation-hardened sensor RB100

Prodyn radiaton hardened magnetic field sensor RB100

Ground-plane radiation-hardened sensor RB100

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