Radiation-Hardened Magnetic Field (B-Dot) Sensors

Radiation-Hardened Magnetic Field (B-Dot) Sensors


Radiation-hardened sensors are available in both free-field and ground-plane configurations:

 RB-100 RB40RB130
TypeGround planeFree-fieldFree-field
Equivalent Area (Aeq)2 x 10-5 m21x10-3m24x10-5m2
Frequency Response (3 dB Point)>3GHz>300MHz2GHz
Risetime (tr 10-90)<0.12ns<1.1ns<0.5ns
Max output voltage (pulse)1kV1.5kV1kV

Free-field Radiation-hardened Sensors RB 40 and RB130

The RB 40 and RB130 are small, free-field, mid-range frequency radiation-hardened sensors. These sensors were designed to measure B-dot fields in a nuclear radiation environment. They feature:

  • High transparency
  • Continuous aluminium cylindrical loop
  • Dual moebius pickoff
  • Totally encapsulated

The loop is attached to a copper tube which is normally 12 inches long and provides a capability for mounting. The output cables are 50ohm semi-rigid type and exit from the tube. The length of the tube end is 18 inches but the tube and cable lengths can be varied to meet special needs.

Prodyn RB130 radiation handened magnetic field sensor

RB130 free-field radiation-hardened B-dot sensor


RB40 free-field radiation-hardened B-dot sensor


Ground-Plane Radiation-hardened sensor RB100

Prodyn radiaton hardened magnetic field sensor RB100

Ground-plane radiation-hardened sensor RB100


Radiation-Hardened B-Dot Sensors Datasheet



Prodyn RB-100 Datasheet


Prodyn RB-40 Datasheet


Prodyn RB-130 Datasheet