The Benefits of Using LabVIEW with Sentinel 3

Sentinel 3 chassis

In the test and measurement market, Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW), is an important tool which is used by many. LabVIEW provides users with visualisations for every aspect of an application, which makes it easier to identify problems and make adjustments where necessary in a system.

In order to use LabVIEW with PPM Test’s world-leading EMP/EMC ruggedized and shielded RF over Fibre Sentinel 3 system, the team at PPM Test created a driver that is compatible with LabVIEW based systems. The driver has been approved by National Instruments and provides a high level of accuracy at +/- ¼ dB across the Sentinel 3 link gain.

Sentinel 3 fibre link desktop chassis

The Sentinel 3 driver uses the standard LabVIEW architecture and provides users with the ability to easily create an application to control Sentinel 3 and run repeatable and consistent tests that improve data accuracy. The on-screen display on the Sentinel 3 unit helps to show users the graphical programming from LabVIEW, allowing for instant test results to be displayed. As a result, manual processing is removed, saving time by a factor of four.

Within the system, users can use LabVIEW to set the transmitter and receiver gain mode, including Automatic Gain Control (AGC). It can be used to adjust the display on the Sentinel 3 to show different panel information including Tx and Rx gain, power mode, stability, status, remaining battery charge and system information, depending on what the users need.

Richard Jacklin, Global Sales Director of PPM Test, comments: “It’s critical that intelligent RF over fibre products like Sentinel 3 can work and interoperate with test & measurement graphical environments like LabVIEW. A great milestone in the Sentinel 3 development; and now working with more EMC test users.”

For any further information regarding the use of LabVIEW with our Sentinel 3 system, please contact the PPM Test team.

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